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Home Building Discussion Articles

Home building with regard to new build, home extensions, refurbishment and improvement can be a complicated process with many design choices to me made along the way. Here we have a selection of general discussion articles purely focussed on home building. We hope they are entertaining.

  • home building advice
    House design and building your own house is well within the capabilities of most people provided you have the time, but it does take considerable research, plans and concentration.
  • home building blue prints
    Pre-made house plans for home building blueprints provide home builders with quality custom home plans at very attractive prices. Most offer an economical approach to acquiring working drawings which allow you the readiness to build without the delay and expense of meetings, design, and drawing time with architectural firms.
  • home building budget spread sheet
    The primary purpose of preparing a home building budget spread sheet is to understand and control costs. Beginning with the estimates, you are able to better guess the total cost amount for the style and size of a home on a particular plot.
  • home building costs per square foot
    It is common sense to take out buildings insurance when you purchase a property in the UK. In any event, if you are taking out a mortgage, your lender will insist on it. You will need to know the rebuilding cost of your property so that you may insure for the correct amount.
  • home building contract
    When working with building professionals, you should make sure a number of important points are outlined in a written agreement. This will help prevent misunderstandings and disagreements and will serve as a backup if a dispute should arise. This is called a home building contract.
  • home building costs
    Construction costs for a new home building vary depending on the quality of the specification, the size, the number of storeys and your own level of involvement, either in managing the build or in undertaking some of the building work. You can get a quick estimate of the likely cost per square metre (£/m2) for your project by visiting the RICS web site.
  • home building design ideas
    There is a wealth of information on home building design ideas from TV shows to excellent glossy monthly magazines. The UK public is still obsessed with property so the media of all types has provided the fuel to supply the 'property porn' market.
  • home building design
    The Home Building and Renovating online magazine is a great source for home building design from plan arrangements to fixtures and fittings. This web site has a great resource of ideas and home building design selections that will keep you busy for hours.
  • home building designers
    If you are planning to embark on a building project - whatever it’s size - then it makes sense to consult a professional. An Architect, Architectural Technologist or Building Surveyor will guide you through the building process, will share your concerns and will help you to translate your vision into reality.
  • home building estimating software
    Most home building estimating software is professionally used by quantity surveyors, builders and other building professionals. Some are very complex to use and require a lot of user based data entry while others use pre-loaded central data for preparing the estimated cost.
  • home building elevations
    The term home building elevations usually refers to what is shown on the Architects or other home designers plans as to what the new home building will look like. These are normally referred to as front, side and rear elevations.
  • home building and renovating
    Most new home extensions will usually entail a degree of renovating to the existing property. Home building and renovating go hand in hand and must form part of the overall budget cost. Many homeowners forget this aspect and simply focus on the new home building elements and forget the renovating element of the works.
  • home building foundations
    All new buildings require foundations but there are a great many foundation designs to choose from. The secret is to select the best home building foundation at the cheapest cost. If a home building foundation is too over engineered it will waste money.
  • home building floor plans
    All home extension designs are usually relayed to the client or building owner in the form of drawn plans which may also include other details such as floor plans, elevations, sections, site and location plans. Perhaps the most important element of any home building plans for understanding what is being proposed and how the scheme will work will be the floor plans.
  • home building faq
    FAQ - Home building faq - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon.
  • home building forecast
    2011 has seen a published a report on construction industry forecast for the next five years by the Construction Product Association.
  • home building guide
    The internet is a wash with home buildings guides. Most suggest that your first port of call is to usually engage your own home designer or architect. However there is a prior step to home building that many guides fail to include and that is to spend some quality time yourself doing your own research (DYOR).
  • home building guidelines
    Proabably the most important home building guideline of all is to employ the correct professionals right from the start. Even early analysis of the site itself is important especially if you are deliberately purchasing a property with a view to extending.
  • home building help
    Most homeowners need some form of home building help to make sure that their vision of the house extension is realised. This is usually in the form of two main professionals being the architect or home extension designer and the builder.
  • home building insurance
    Most homeowners are advised to let their current insurance companies know of the impending home extension building works that are to be completed to their property. This is simply to let them know of the potential increased risk so that they do not have an excuse for not paying out should your builder damage the existing property.
  • home building ideas
    Homeowners can obtain home building ideas from a variety of sources much of which can be sourced online and from publications at the local news agents. Home building ideas can be in the form of the external design of the house extension to interior fixtures and fittings.
  • home building information
    Everyone is after information these days and home building is no exception. More and more clients want to know the detail of their home extension so having clear and precise information presented by their home extension architect or designer is vital.
  • home building legislation
    Home building legislation usually falls under two main headings. That required by the Councils Planning Department and that of the Building Regulations either under the control of the Council or as an approved private inspector.
  • home building laws
    Home building laws - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. The laws relating to home building in the UK are normally governed by government bodies or agencies such as the Building Regulations and Planning Control being the two major ones.
  • home building manual
    Home building manual - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. When building a house or a home extension, ideally, the weather will be perfect, all the materials will arrive on time and intact, and the trades people will be ready and on time. Unfortunately this is a very rare occasion. The weather could take a turn for the worse, building materials could be late or items missing, the electrician could be held up at another job, or any number of things could go wrong. The point is that building a house or home extension can be a chaotic event.
  • home building materials
    Home building materials Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Materials for a home building or extension project will usually be specified by your home extension designer or architect. This is where they specify exactly what materials shall be used for the structural elements of the build together with the insulations, external cladding etc.
  • home building mistakes
    Home building mistakes - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Even though we all have idealistic dreams of the way we want our house to look, it is important that you take certain things into consideration before your dreams turn into a nightmare.
  • home building plans
    Home building plans - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. All building plans are in essence the way a home extension designer conveys their design to the client, builders and local authorities. The client will normally appoint an architect or home extension designer to make their vision of their home or building become a construction reality and there are many ways that this can be done through sketches, sketch models, detail models, photo montages and the most common being home extension building plans.
  • home building process
    Home building process - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Modular and manufactured homes follow a similar process, except that many of the constructional steps are completed in a warehouse. Most home extensions follow a traditional masonry build but the use of timber framing for the home building process is becoming increasingly popular.
  • home building project management
    Home building project management - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. The alternative is to employ your own project manager for the home extension and there are many firms and individuals about who will offer this service direct to the home owner.
  • home building project plan
    Home building project plan - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. How long does it take to build a home extension? Compiling a home building project plan can predict this with some degree of accuracy.
  • home building prices
    Home building prices - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. A detailed budget costing plan will help you to assess the overall financial feasibility of your home building extension project, comparing total costs with your home’s end value - something many lenders, especially the banks, will want to see before they will release any funds for a home extension.
  • home building plans and prices
    home building plans and prices - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Most home extensions will require plans that should be prepared by an expert rather than a DIY approach. The prices paid for such plans can vary widely depending upon the experience, status and level of service provided by the home extension designer.
  • home building products
    Home building products - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. If you’re building your own eco friendly home or extension who strongly believes that there is a more sustainable way to build, then obtaining the right eco friendly home building products is vital.
  • home building questions
    Home building questions - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Building a home extension can be a major challenge. Finding someone who can transform your vision of a house extension into reality will result in a new home extension that will lead to years of security and enjoyment.
  • home building quotes
    Home building quotes - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Typically, a single storey extension will cost more per metre squared than a double storey. In theory a triple storey would cost less still. In practise the difference in a home building quote cost may be small though.
  • home building survey
    Home building survey - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Before buying a property, it’s a good idea to get a professional to carry out an inspection.
  • home building schedule
    Home building schedule - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon. Any building project needs a schedule if order and correct planning is to be maintained throughout the job on site. The main contractor will normally provide the home building schedule being part of a standard building contract or terms and conditions of the job specification.
  • home building solutions
    Most House designers or Architects can offer the client a selection of home building solutions which can cover the external design, internal layouts, methods of construction and materials selection. Home building solutions can also cover the services for heating, water supplies and smart home control systems for example.
  • home building standards
    Most home building standards are controlled and regulated by central government through Planning and the Building Regulations. Every year the home building standards are forever being adjusted and improved at various levels for better efficiency and design of a home.
  • home building timeline
    There are two types of home building timelines. One for the design build up and the local authority approval process and the other for the construction period on site (usually called contract duration).
  • home building tips
    HOPME BUILDING TIP 1. Approach the Council first (sometimes): Depending on the size of the home building scheme scheme it can be helpful to ask for pre-planning application advice from your council. There may be a charge for this service, but it can reduce costly delays later on. Planners can suggest any necessary changes before making a formal planning application. After this it becomes progressively more difficult to make changes.
  • home building terms
    Home building terms - Marlow High Wycombe Maidenhead Buckinghamshire Berkshire Oxon.
  • home building techniques
    Home building techniques often refers to the various types of construction methods for each element of the build. Walls for example are usually either full masonry construction or timber frame.
  • home building options
    Most homeowners have several options when it comes build their own home or house extension. Either engage the right professionals right from the start or you don't being the main two.
  • home building uk
    Home building in the UK usually requires the homeowner or client to comply with several layers of legislation where they need to employ the relevant professionals to compile the required drawings and documents and to guide them through the maze of requirements.


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