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Additional Specialist Reports to support a Planning Application.

Most home extension schemes are uncomplicated in their issues an do not require additional specialists reports as extra supporting evidence to justify the Council Granting a Planning Approval. However, sometimes more complicated developments do require these extra supportive reports that are usually complied by specialist in their own niche field. 


specialist planning reports marlow bucksCHP have access to a number of these specialist consultants and can advise on the need for accessing such reports at the correct times. Here we list most of the common areas that can be encountered from time to time:-


CHP usually complies these reports in house if they are required and this will form part of our standard services at no extra cost. However, CHP can advise the client to obtain more niche specialist area of reports if required if extra supporting information would benefit a Planning application and a later approval would be more likely. Examples could be heritage impacts, urban design for high impact proposals etc.


If part of your proposal seeks to build within a close distance of a site of scientific interest (SSI) or proposes to remove an existing building or roof that could be homing local wild life then this wildlife impact report is often required. For most simple schemes this is often just a tick box form approach that can be handled in house by CHP. For higher profile sites or development scope with more complicated wild life issues then a specialist report by an external consultant is often required at extra cost to the client.


Some schemes seek a change of use that could lose an important local amenity that the Planners would be reluctant to lose. Pub to residential home conversions are a classic example. These types of development schemes usually require an in depth analysis to justify & support the loss of a local community high value asset for another use. These reports are highly complex & costly and never required for domestic extension or residential development work unless a change of use is also part of the scheme.


Developing or extending within a known flood zone usually requires a Flood Risk Assessment. Some councils will accept a very simple basic form of assessment report that can be prepared by most Building Design Agents while other councils require the flood risk assessment completed to PPG25 standards that usually requires the services of a specialist niche consultant at extra cost to the client. Most domestic home extensions do not require such an in depth report.


If a proposal is within the grounds of a listed building, within a conservation  area or adjoins a listed building then most councils require a Historic Assets Impact Assessment Report as to how your development proposal will or will not affect the setting of the listed building or conservation area.    CHP can usually do this in house as part of our standard services and is included.  However, for larger higher impact proposals a more detailed analysis if often required by a heritage expert at extra cost to the client.


These are only usually required for additional housing schemes that results in a new highway access or the intensification of an existing highway access that is a already deficient in its standards.  Most LA Highways Departments when consulted on low level development schemes by the Planners will analyse the issues for themselves without the need for an extra supporting report.  However, for known problem sites with high access issues it can be worthwhile engaging a specialist niche consultant to prepare a more detailed report who can analysis the additional risk and offer mitigating works or solutions to eliminate or reduce any extra hazards created by the development proposal.



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