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Our Client Groups

house extension plans high wycombe marlow maidenheadClients come in many categories and demographics requiring residential building design advice. Here we list some of the more usual groups that we cater for.  Here are my candid descriptions that are a bit 'tongue in cheek' - Where do you fit?

'MY DEDICATED NESTERS' - I coined this phrase for my homeowners and families alike that have at least a 5 year plan for staying within their current home as they generally like the area, neighbours, local amenities and facilities, school catchment area, work travel distances etc. However, the house is too small or deficient in one or two defined areas - usually the kitchen/eating or bedroom / bathroom space as an example.

These clients have their primary motivation for extending or modifying their properties for quality of life issues rather than the instant gain in house value. They do however, demand money well spent and value added but perhaps not in instant cash terms. These are my favourite client category to work with and provides me with the most satisfaction and pleasure of residential house design.

Our initial site meeting service is an ideal entry level point for homeowners considering our services for their scheme.

'MY RELUCTANT NESTERS' - These homeowner clients would usually have preferred to move rather than to extend.  Perhaps they have tried to move but could not obtain the value for the property they were seeking, or buyers are in short supply. Perhaps the leap to a higher grade of property and location demands such an extra size of mortgage that it becomes unobtainable. Perhaps the realisation of the actual cost of moving itself requires around £50k of complete dead money for fees and taxes not to mention the extra works that the new property will require become unpalatable.

Extending and modifying their home becomes the 'second best' option and they have re-set their time scales for staying put.  Often many realise that this actually becomes the best option and why didn't they think of this years ago especially if the property has great development potential and the location is great.

Our initial site meeting service is an ideal entry level point for homeowners considering our services for their scheme.

'MY NEW HOME EXTENDERS' - wanting to purchase a property with a view to extending right away many before they have even moved in. These clients are trying to source a new home that has the potential for becoming something else. Sometimes the requirements of the existing properties potential is quite modest for that kitchen extension for example.  Other times it becomes a complete redevelopment of the entire site - perhaps converting an existing bungalow into a formal two storey dwelling house.

Obtaining the right advise before they purchase the property is often vital. Many homeowners with these intentions for the property fall foul of planning constraints and are unable to realise their aspirations for the property which can be a real knock back. CHP provides a 'pre-purchase property potential report' for a modest fee for this type of homeowner.

'MY DEVELOPER HEADS' - This homeowner demands instant profits directly after the extension has been completed.  This is not always possible and when it is, the works often end up being limited or contrived - minimal expense / work for maximum gain. Very rarely will they have a longer view on the property of more than two years. Extending these properties for this type of client never really realises the full potential of the property. 

Can be very demanding and difficult to get the correct balance between what works for the property versus cost and budget limitations - too many compromises along the way usually for a really satisfying project from a House Extension designers point of view.

'MY DREAMERS' - Homeowners with a large wish list but little funding opportunities or options available. I do manage to filter most of these out due to my modest fee for the initial site visit and feasibility report that I make every potential client go through first. Many of these homeowners are totally unaware of current building costs and are genuinely naive as to what things actually cost and the hoops and hurdles that need to be overcome through Planning and Building Regulations first.



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