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Project Management


Extension project management Marlow Christopher HuntAs a professional discipline, Project Management has been the subject of numerous definitions and great confusion in the industry. To complicate things further, the IT industry has high-jacked the term, so most jobs advertising for Project Managers now have nothing to do with construction but a lot to do with IT networks.

The term Project Management used here refers to the responsibility for a construction project fulfilled by

  • Creating a definitive strategy
  • Defining responsibilities of all concerned
  • Exercising control of project time, cost, materials and performance

It is not normal for the building designer to complete this task unless they too are offering it as a service within a Design and Build type of contract which is unusual.  However, sometimes a client may know of a builder unwilling to provide a fixed price for all of the works and would offer this service as an option. This can also be referred to as 'Management Contracting'.

Sometimes, clients have some building knowledge and wish to act as their own project manager but again this is a very rare situation and not recommended for the inexperienced home owner.

Sometimes a client may be inexperienced in construction works and the Project Manager may then have to develop his own brief. In other circumstances, the duties of a Project Manager may be tailor-made to fit in with the Client’s own expertise and requirements, the type of construction work involved and the timing of the appointment.

A Client may have an in-house Project Manager or can employ an independent person. When the person is independent, his duties will often include all or some of the following;


  • Prepare project brief
  • Develop own brief
  • Arrange feasibility study
  • Develop project strategy


  • Develop consultants’ briefs
  • Devise programme
  • Assist in selection of team members, including Planning Supervisor
  • Establish management structure


  • Co-ordinate design process
  • Arrange insurance (through specialist brokers) and warranties
  • Select procurement system
  • Arrange tender documentation
  • Organise contractor pre-qualification
  • Monitor budget or cost-plan


  • Evaluate tenders
  • Participate in contractor selection
  • Participate in contractor appointment
  • Organise control systems
  • Monitor progress
  • Monitor budget or cost-plan


  • Arrange meetings
  • Authorise payments
  • Organise communication / reporting systems
  • Provide total co-ordination
  • Address environmental aspects
  • Monitor budget or cost-plan
  • Organise or assist in organising requirements of statutory authorities

Nearing completion

  • Co-ordinate statutory authorities
  • Continue to monitor budget or cost-plan and variations
  • Develop final account
  • Arrange pre-commissioning / commissioning
  • Organise handover / occupation
  • Advise on marketing / disposal


  • Organise maintenance manuals / Safety File
  • Plan for maintenance period
  • Develop maintenance programme / staff training
  • Plan facilities management
  • Arrange for feedback monitoring

The above list is adapted from the Second Edition of the Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development by the Chartered Institute of Building (published by Longman ISBN 0-582-27680-2). The list is generally applicable to a major project, but can be adapted to cover projects of a smaller scale.


1. A very important role in securing proper programming and organisation of the materials and trades.

2. A builder or main contractor (in the normal sense) usually completes this task as part of his normal building duties.




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